During the second phase, the fundamental tools to master the branding process are provided: these tools concern the human resources, the activities’ dashboard and the budgeting procedure.

Personnel Assessment

The human resource is a key factor to build a reliable and durable relationship in the market, as well as to make the internal workings of the Company run smoothly.

We consider the human resource one of the most important “tiles in the mosaic”, whatever business we are in.

During this phase:

  • We match the company’s flowchart with the company’s needs.
  • We evaluate the skills of the individual and their suitability with the role.
  • We check-up the wage policy and the m.b.o. system.

Business Dashboard

One of the most important tools to run a company is the dashboard reporting the relevant figures of the business correctly and in real time.

We believe that a correct and real time dashboard is essential to both the very top management and the first line of management, even if with different key indicators for the two.

The first step is the definition of the k.p.i. of the business.

The focus of the relevant key indicators is made according to the general principle of increasing the enterprise value and making the Company attractive to potential customers, suppliers and investors.

The second step defines the internal procedures to obtain the dashboard and the periodicity of the check.

Budgeting Procedure

To implement and maintain a budget procedure is a delicate process, in which sensitivity and timing play an important role.

The correct budgeting procedure allows the management to constantly check the gap between the actual and the foreseen, and between the actual and the previous year.

In case of relevant gaps, the management must implement some recovery actions.

From the correct budget procedure the correct forecast of the cash flow also comes, which allows the management to properly finance the capital expenditures during the year.