Fernando Amaral

fernandoFernando Amaral, founder and partner at Alicorn Consulting, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

Working for primary firms, he developed a deep knowledge in the worldwide distribution of durable technical goods and its relationship with product design and production process.

Fernando has recently managed the process of re-launch of a Chinese manufacturing company, from the product conception, to the complete development of the international sales network and the dedicated permanent training program.

His sensitivity about the branding aspects of technical goods has allowed him to bring strategic contributions to the development of many leader companies.
Due to a life-time of professional experience in the Far East, Fernando has developed a deep knowledge of the Chinese business model for medium enterprises.

Ettore Bertolini

ettoreEttore Bertolini, founder and partner at Alicorn Consulting, started his professional career in Unilever U.K., after earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.

He matured a consistent expertise in the operations of highly complex manufacturing companies, with special regard to production processes, make-or-buy analysis, production plants management, investment decision making.

Later, he moved into sales and marketing, becoming Director at some of the leader companies in their own field, as Beta Tools, Bormioli, Cebora, Faac, Came.

The companies are high added value manufacturers, where operations know-how and control of the distribution network represent the entrance barrier to the competition.

The managed brand value is high and well known to the consumer.

After having held the position of General Manager, Ettore decided to dedicate himself to the strategic consulting at Alicorn.