Why does Alicorn exist?

We are here to satisfy the sharp and deep need of many medium enterprises: to achieve a consistent trustworthiness from their market, in order to facilitate the business relationship and make it more convenient for both parties.

This goes trough the process of enterprise branding, which takes our customer company from “to be told by your customer what to do” to “interpret the market and build up your own strategy”.

The uniqueness of Alicorn’s approach is the belief that each and every action the company takes can contribute to this achievement, if correctly put in place.


Furthermore, all the actions taken are connected between them: our certainty is that, if we have the capability of to evaluate these connections and to correctly plan the consequences, the final achievement will come faster and more effectively.

To accomplish such a whole vision of the customer company, experience is needed: indeed, Alicorn’s partners have some thirty years fieldwork with the medium enterprises in different businesses.

Although necessary, experience and fieldwork are not enough.

The rules of the business are changing rapidly and the solutions need to be constantly adapted: the inventiveness, as the ability of thinking out of the box, is the ingredient that cannot miss.

But what really makes the difference in our customer’s satisfaction is the total commitment that Alicorn conveys in servicing them, which is one of the funding values of our consultancy.

We will build trust together

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